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Staff Meeting

Help your employees to grow

Unlock the potential of your employees so that they dare to embrace change and innovate.

Our human upskilling programs

In a world with constant information overflow, we need to reach our audience's heart:

  • Learn to convert your message into an engaging story

  • Create functional stories you can apply in your business context 

  • Practice to tell your story with ease and confidence to leverage your impact on the business

Duration: 8 hours

Storytelling FOR BUSINESS

Managing your attention and emotions is the basis  to deal with change:

  • Learn mindfulness practices to increase and sustain focus, foster mental and emotional well-being and help us to cultivate (self-) compassion at the workplace

  • Train practical micro-integration exercises to apply straight away in your work


Duration: 8 hours

Mindfulness FOR BUSINESS

The Business for Better training program is for corporate professionals who want to make a positive impact on the business world.


Business for Better gives the precise tools and proven strategies your employees need to become a(n):

  • intrapreneur

  • sidepreneur

  • corporate influencer

  • corporate activist

Duration: 8 hours

Business for Better

Search Inside Yourself is one of the best-known leadership programs which has been born at Google, developed by leading experts and is rooted in neuroscience.  The program provides practical tools to become a great leader based on mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Svenja is one of the few certified trainers in the Netherlands.

Duration: 12-16 hours

Search Inside Yourself

Interested in a customized training?


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