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Your online platform for professional development 

Not born career clear?

Don't worry. Neither was I. You can learn it.


What you learn at the Inner Business School

Learn how to work smarter and how you:

  • can do more work in less time.

  • create freedom when and where to work.

  • convince with your personal branding

  • negotiate your salary and perks

  • master the performance evaluation

  • ...

Badass Business Wisdom

Emotional Intelligence Skills

Learn how to feel better and how you:

  • get to know and be aware of yourself

  • manage and regulate yourself

  • find out what motivates you

  • build your empathy

  • improve social and leadership skills

  • ...


Why learning at the Inner Business School is different
Focus on what matters
It's highly practical and real-life business proof
I learn from the best teachers. I participate in countless courses and teacher training. Study scientific papers, read hundreds of books and follow the latest research. I try, test, make myself a guinea pig, pick and tweek the cherries, put them in a blender and serve you the best career clear smoothie you can get. 
Emotional intelligence skills make the difference in business
I see this in countless studies and many companies. Your technical skills will be sooner or later automated and digitised. We focus on human unique skills.
It's short, sweet and 100% bullshit free
Get clarity is the first and most important goal. I don't distract you with anything that doesn't serve that goal. Clarity will give you inner peace and the foundation to really change something.  I don't care if you want to get the next Apple CEO, open your vegan muffin shop or will get 11 kids to have your own football team.
WTF is emotional intelligence?
WTF is EI?
Emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of one's own and other people's emotions, to be able to identify and describe feelings and emotions and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour.


Let me translate that for you: Get your mental shit together!

  • Stop following blindly what the sneaky voice in your head tells you (your ego!)

  • Create inner peace in this overwhelming world, yeah less stress!

  • Learn to use your emotional big data (your body is smarter than you think)

  • Create better relationships by better understanding yourself and others 

  • Dare to make your own decisions and take responsibility for it

This will lead to better performance, more happiness and become a better leader.

Bad news: It's a freaking hard way to do it! Life is no cream cake!

Good news: I'm here to help you. Chin up chest out. Now we're talking.

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