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Working hacks
for a better world.

Choose your free course to redefine work on your terms!




An online education platform for corporate professionals to redefine their jobs on their terms.

The Inner Business School is the number-one education platform for corporate professionals who want to redefine their jobs on their terms.


The online programs combine emotional intelligence and business wisdom, giving you a proven blueprint for sustainable change.


Our signature course, the Job Crafter Masterclass, an eight-week job transformation program, will be open for enrolment as of September 2022.  

Find more compact on-demand programs and products in out TIBS online shop.


Searching for the right training to help your employees to bring their whole self to work and thrive in their job?

How can you unlock the potential of your employees? And how can you build a safe environment so that people dare to embrace change and innovate?

Helping your people to grow their human skills is the foundation to become a successful professional. In our training programs, we focus on the core human skills of the 21st century: attention management, emotional intelligence and learnability.

Or do you want to know more about the renown Search Inside Yourself program we offer which has been born at Google, developed by leading experts and is rooted in neuroscience?


Looking for a keynote speaker for your next networking event, a panelist or a guest blogger? 

How can everyone do work that matters without leaving their jobs? And what are some practical workplace hacks you can apply right away?

How can everyone do work that matters without leaving their jobs? And what are some practical workplace hacks you can apply right away? These keynotes are based on my ten years of personal experience in working in the professional service industry, combined with the latest insights from social and cultural anthropological science. The keynotes come with a hefty dose of humor and without any sugar-coating, providing expert-level knowledge you can put into practice right away.  


Feminine Corporation
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A network for corporate activists raising their voices to leverage the power of their organizations for good. connects and empowers corporate professionals who want to leverage the economic power of their employers to create a more sustainable and fairer (business) world.


The network gives a platform to courageous, inspiring corporate professionals who raise their voices, stand up for their convictions and ensure that private and public companies tackle social challenges knowing that business is key to solving problems from climate change to social injustice.


Join our network of corporate activists and our quarterly online gatherings, or become an ambassador.


Work Desk

I changed my perception of work and myself from within.


Svenja's workshop "Find your Flow at Work" is compact, creates awareness, builds responsibility and guides you to an improved consciousness. It’s comprehensive and active.


I’m glad and thankful to have joined it. Thank you very much, Svenja, for your nice perspective and perception of work and ourselves from within.

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