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The proven 4 steps blueprint to turn the job you have into the job you want.

I've taken everything I've learned from working almost ten years within the professional service industry, making a career in one of the biggest consulting firms, and being a manager responsible for the future of work. I sit with CEOs and HR directors of global companies at the table to discuss their people strategy, culture, and ways of working. I know what matters to be "successful" in the business world.

I used these insights to redefine my corporate job on my terms.



I do work that is truly meaningful to me. I make it crystal clear how I contribute with my work to the success of the company. I get more support in doing so than I could have ever imagined. So, how does it look? Here are some examples: I've initiated and now lead a mindfulness and emotional program for the entire company. I get invitations to speak at events and conferences about the topics which are dear to my heart. I regularly grab my laptop and change the office for a sunny destination (before COVID 19, though).

I created the freedom to mainly work on what and from where I want. I combined all my knowledge and put it a comprehensive yet easy to apply four steps blueprint, guaranteeing you to transform your (work) life while being in a busy job. This course offers you everything, from the internal transformation to execution to communications.

Job Crafter Masterclass isn't so much a training program

as it is a transformation program.

Yes, you'll learn everything: how to deploy our most deep-seated preferences to take the initiative, improve and persevere; how to redefine the four dimensions of your job in an evidence-based way; how to align your vision and needs with the company's strategy to get their full support and how to create an irresistible personal brand that in no time people come to you for the work that matters to you.

I break it down step by step and put it in a plan that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted.

The result:

You'll have absolute clarity, tremendous confidence, and a job that you love while keep enjoying financial security. 

Job crafter Masterclass

It's the first program of it's kind that....

Brings emotional intelligence and badass business wisdom together
This program offers a complete approach to profoundly transform your (work)life from inside out rooted in science and driven by ten years of experience.


Teaches you how to implement it consistently and with patience 
This program focuses on the implementation work and has your back when things get rough: the moments when you have to put your plans into action.


Is delivered by someone who is in a corporate job (and not sitting on Bali)
This program is for busy corporate professionals like you, showing you how to approach the corporate world as a playground of endless possibilities and how to make it yours.

Here's how it all



Module 1

Build your inner business case and learn to stay strong

At the end of this module, you'll...

  • have clarity on where you want to be in 5 years from now

  • have clarity on what truly matters to you 

  • have confidence to deal with setbacks

Every remarkable (inner) business case needs a strong foundation.

In this module, we set our foundation to define our vision. We start to work from the inside on an emotional and cognitive level, because that is where actual change happens.

You'll learn how to handle your emotions so that they facilitate rather than interfere, how to delay gratification to pursue goals, how to recover well from emotional distress, and how to deploy our most deep-seated preferences to take the initiative, improve and persevere. 

Sneak peek:


1.1 Where are you at?

Inspect all areas of your life using the wheel of life

1.2 What matters to you?

Learn what truly matters to you and define values

1.3 Are you engaged?

Understand your "flow" zone and how to stay engaged

1.4 Want to see your future?

Envision and visualize your future

1.5 How to stay strong?

Learn cognitive and emotional resilience strategies

By the end of module 1, you'll have a rock-solid foundation and clear vision to take your inner business case to extraordinary heights and make it actionable.

Job Crafter Masterclass consists of four core training modules. All course materials – including videos, workbooks, and more – are within our online student portal.

Module 1: Motivation

Module 2: Creation

Module 3: Integration

Module 4: Communication


Module 2

Create the job of your dreams

At the end of this module, you'll...

  • have clarity on how your dream job looks like on all dimensions

  • have clarity on how to enrich your job description

  • have confidence that it's actionable 

A job isn't only your daily duties - it's complexly intertwined with your identity.

This module is the heart of the job crafter masterclass. Now that we know ourselves pretty well and have a clear vision, we can look at our job.

In this module, you'll learn how to redefine your job on all layers based on my proven 4-dimension job shaper model: emotional and mental, social, functional, and environmental. 

Sneak peek:


2.1 How's work 

Analyse your job in terms of time, effort and energy investment 

2.2 Mental and emotional crafting

Reframe how you perceive your job mentally and emotionally

2.3 Social crafting

Redefine your relationships and social interactions

2.4 Functional crafting

Reshape your daily activities, duties, time and effort

2.5 Environmental crafting & target drawing

Redefine your working conditions and draw your dream job

By the end of the model, you'll know how your dream job looks like on all four dimensions and how it relates to and support your current job descriptions and responsibilities.

Module 3

Make your employer, mangers and co-worker raving fans

At the end of this module, you'll...

  • have clarity on how your dream job fits into the bigger strategic corporate picture

  • have clarity on how to measure your contribution with KPIs

  • have confidence which steps to take right now

The key to make your dream job a reality is knowing how to show what's in it for them.

Now that we know how your dream job looks like we need to integrate your vision into the bigger vision and strategy of the company you're working for.


In this module, you'll learn a dead-simple method to discover what your employer and your managers exactly want and how to position yourself with your crafted dream job. Plus, you'll learn my failure-proof low effort implementation strategy for changing your job while you work in your busy career.

Sneak peek:


3.1 Is your job future-proof?

Understand what skills and jobs will be relevant in the future

3.2 Are you a good match?

Learn how your and the company's vision can mutually reinforce each other

3.3 What's in it for them?

Show your contribution to the company's success through KPIs

3.4 Let's look outside

Learn how to engage outside your job in work you love

3.5 Time for action

Make your vision actionable without getting overwhelmed

By the end of the model, you'll know how to position your dream job, measure your contribution to the companies success, and you have a highly impactful and procrastination-proof implementation plan.

Module 4

Design a winning communications strategy

At the end of this module, you'll...

  • have clarity on how to build  your personal brand off- and online

  • have confidence to master conversations and pitches with ease

Marketing and communication skills are the lifeblood of any sustainable transformation.

Now that we know how to make the company we work for our biggest fan, it's time to share our vision.


In this crucial module, you'll master the tools of authentic influence and learn to inspire your managers, coworkers, and network to believe in your vision - in the work that matters to you – in a way that's full of integrity. You'll learn how to build and shape your personal brand, use LinkedIn to establish yourself as a leading figure for the work that matters to you, and understand the psychology of conversations.


4.1 Make it real

Visualize your vision, dream job and redefined work life

4.2 What's your brand?

Build and enhance your personal brand

4.3 Let's get social

Learn the LinkedIn secrets to build your online brand

4.4 Who's your support network?

Learn how the approach difficult conversations with ease and define your key stakeholders

4.5 Pitch party

Master your winning elevator pitch with confidence

By the end of the module, you'll have all the tools to communicate with confidence setting your path of a sustainable transformation of your job.

You're protected with our 100% risk-free guarantee

This program has the power to change your life profoundly. We're confident that if you do the work, you'll get tremendous value. We back that up with our risk-free guarantee. Here's how it works:

Test the first module of Job Crafters Masterclass. If on day 14 after subscription, you don't feel we've delivered the value - just email to, show us your completed coursework, and we'll issue the refund.

The reason for your completed coursework is simple. We only want to work with people who are fully committed to taking consistent action. We devote tremendous time, energy, and care to our students, so it's vital that you're as dedicated to this experience as we are to you.

Get started now

and choose the plan that works best for you

Best value

Low monthly

one payment

€ 349

three monthly payments of

€ 129

What do you get?

  • Job Crafter Masterclass digital course with 23 videos

  • Job Crafter Masterclass digital workbook

  • Bonus: 4 live coaching and FAQ sessions (or recordings)

  • Bonus: Supportive community of like minded corporate changemakers

  • Special Bonus: Access to mini-course Emotional Intelligence 101 for Business

  • Special Bonus: Access to #getyourshitdone Action Plan System

This is what you get if you sign up today

What do you get?

  • Job Crafter Masterclass digital course with 23 videos

  • Job Crafter Masterclass digital workbook

  • Bonus: 4 live coaching and FAQ sessions (or recordings)

Bonus #1


This is what you get if you sign up today

Upgrade your EQ in 5 days:

  • So let's get more specific here. The mini-course helps you NOT to hit the reply button, firing some bitchy words back to this rude mail you've just received. Or it can mean that you NOT lose yourself on youtube for an hour or longer (watching cute puppies or fluffy gluten-free pancake tutorials). But instead, being aware of your attention is grasping for entertainment in the minute it happens and redirect your focus back on where YOU want to have it (this is concentration, my friend).

What do you get: 

  • 5 video training session, workbook and integration challenge

Bonus #1


Start doing and stop planning​:

  • This is my proven system for super busy corporate professionals to get things done. And oh boy, it works. I redefined this system over the last years, working together with many companies, hundreds of teams, and countless individuals. I based the method on different proven principles of agile and lean, but less bullshit. Goodby procrastination, hello I can do it!

What do you get:

  • 1 video training session, step by step manual, list of free tech tools


Bonus #2

Need help or have a question?

We're happy to answer any question you have or help you to make the wisest choice for you.

What people asked before signing up at Job Crafter Masterclass​

  • I'd like to redefine my job, but it isn't possible at my company. What should I do?"
    I'm glad you asked. There is only one person who can decide if you can redefine your job or not, and that person is you. I’ve seen this methodology work with many different clients from all kinds of industries and companies. If you're willing to turn the job you have into the job you want, I can show you how you can do it while taking your company's constraints into account.
  • I've got a super busy job and hardly have time in the evening to see my friends or do anything fun. How much time is this course going to take up?
    I feel you. Great question—we designed the course specifically for corporate professionals in busy jobs like you. The videos and exercises are short and effective, so that you do what's needed to get the best outcome. The Job Crafter Masterclass has four core modules, each covering 5 sessions. A session takes about 30-45 minutes—but you’re free to do them at your own pace. Remember, all the videos and live sessions are recorded, and you’ll have lifetime access to the materials.
  • I've started similar courses before but never achieved a long-lasting outcome. Can you guarantee that this course will be different for me?
    This a very valid question. This course has a strong focus on the implementation stage, and on making your goals actionable. We created a step-by-step approach so that you won’t be lost or overwhelmed at any stage of the game. Plus, I’ll share with you my procrastination-proof implementation strategy, which has helped bring plenty of other professionals successfully to the finish line.
  • I'm an ambitious professional and want to thrive in my corporate career. Do I risk ruining my career and reputation if I try to craft my job?
    I know that it can be scary to leave your comfort zone. We designed the course for corporate professionals who want to turn the job they have into the job they want, in alignment with the vision of their company. Imagine you’re doing work that truly matters to you. Wouldn't you be performing even better and achieving more? This course will help you thrive in your career, and those results will speak for themselves.
  • If I don't like the course, do I get my money back?"
    Another great question. This program has the power to change your life profoundly. We're confident that if you do the work, you'll get tremendous value out of it. We back that up with our risk-free guarantee. Here's how it works: Try out the first module of the Job Crafter Masterclass. If, on Day 14 of your subscription, you don't feel we've delivered the value, no worries—just send an email to, show us your completed coursework from the pre-course and Module 1, and we'll issue the refund.
  • What's included if I buy the course now?
    Let's sum up what you get: JCM digital course with more than 20 training videos JCM digital workbooks Coaching support for all your questions via chat and mail You'll have life-long access to the material and to future updates of the course.

Get started now

Low monthly

and choose the plan that works best for you

Best value

one payment

€ 349

Low monthly

three monthly payments of

€ 129


Still undecided?

How to know if you’re ready to create your Dream Job in the Job Crafter Masterclass

  • You're waking up in the morning getting ready to go to work, asking yourself: "Is that it?". But you have no idea how to change your work situation. And you don't want to lose the steady income of your corporate job. You're desperately searching for a solution to get both: work fulfillment and financial security.

  • You've been trying to reinvent your career by changing jobs, but you always run into the same problems. Plus, you're frustrated that you waste your time on nonsense work also in your new job. And now, you're 100% committed to change your job starting from within instead of just the external circumstances.

  • You already know how your dream job looks like but have not the faintest clue how to put it into reality, and now you're looking for a complete easy to follow step-by-step implementation plan.

  • You have no problem in investing 4-5 hours per week as long as you know that every bit of energy you spend is a strategic and meaningful step forward in creating a job you love.

  • You feel confident grabbing access details knowing you have 14 days to test it out: It's simple. Either you did the work and experience a real transformation in your (work) life building the foundation that you spend the rest of your working life (kind of trillions of hours) on work that matters to you… or you shot me a quick message asking us to hit undo on this whole "let's quickly create my dream job" experiment.

Did you catch yourself nodding your head?

You deserved to do work that matters to you!

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