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Turn the job you havE

into the job you want

with clarity and confidence

Start waking up in the morning excited to do work that matters to you

(without the sweat, tears and sleepless nights of entrepreneurs worrying about how to pay their rent)

Whether you're an ambitious corporate professional in a well-paid job, a courageous corporate rebel, or anyone with a strong vision wanting to invest your time in a more meaningful way, you probably already know that the only person who can make this happen is you.

 I can show you how.

I don't need to convince you that you could spend your working hours in much more meaningful ways than wasting your time on corporate politics or nonsense tasks. That's crystal-clear to you.

You probably also know that if you've got clarity on what truly matters to you and on how you can translate this into your job, you won't hesitate to tell your coworkers and managers that you aren't willing to keep killing time on bullshit at work anymore.

You’ve probably also seen other bold corporate professionals saying NO the corporate conformity game and living up to their values instead—and still thriving in their corporate careers.

Here's what you

might not know

Even if you're not unhappy with your corporate job, and you’re happy with your paycheck…spending your day on work that truly matters to you can:

Bring back the fire

in your eyes

You’ve got more energy than ever when you’re chasing what truly matters to you. Gone are the mornings when you had to drag yourself out of bed, exhausted at the thought of having to turn on your laptop. Now you enter a room and people turn and look, thinking, "Wow—I wish I had that kind of motivation."

Boost your corporate career 

You're more successful than ever because you bring your whole self to work. You believe in what you do and stand 100% behind it. You know that in this way, you contribute hugely to the success of your company and your coworkers. People follow you, and you inspire others with your courage and vision.

Give you peace of mind and real confidence

You know what to prioritize—when to say YES and when to say NO. You’re no longer swept away by the tides of boredom and burnout. Knowing what matters to you and doing it every day puts an end to the nagging doubts of "Is this it?".

It gives you the strength and stability to chase your real dreams.

Abstract Blur

The 4 reasons

Why most people fail to redefine their current job

(and how to guarantee you won’t)

Reason No. 1

They don’t have a clue what really matters to them.

We’re all taught in school and from society what should make us happy—and, well, most of us internalize it. We think that if we have a university degree, a well-paid job and can afford to take a nice vacation once in a while, we should be happy. And when we aren’t, most of us are pretty good at rationalizing it away, telling ourselves that if we can just land the next promotion, get that bigger home or better car or insert-your-choice-of-big-ticket-item-here, then we’ll finally be happy. Wrong! We need to look inside ourselves first—otherwise even when we win on paper, we still lose.


Shhhh… I’m going to give you some

insider information

Even though a lot of corporate professionals talk a big game about wanting to make an impact with the work they do, only a small number of people actually dare to do work beyond their job descriptions.

The barriers to redefining your well-established job on your own terms are high. It can be a pretty scary thing. It's okay to worry that your colleagues might laugh at your silly dreams, that your career might suffer or that you, in the end, might even risk losing your job.

Crafting the job of your dreams isn't a cakewalk, and you aren’t going to succeed overnight. 

But if you have a proven step-by-step approach giving you the clarity you're looking for, the tools and experience to show you the way and the confidence to act, you’re on track toward a future where you can wake up every morning inspired to do work that matters to you.

The key ingredient to all of this is the Job Crafter Masterclass blueprint.

And with your permission, that's what I'd love to show you how to create.

Job crafter


The proven blueprint to turn the job you have into the job you want in 8 weeks.

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Glasses and Notebook

I've taken everything I've learned from working for almost ten years within the professional services industry, making a career in one of the biggest consulting firms in the world, and being a manager responsible for the future of work. I sit at the table with CEOs and HR directors of global companies to discuss their people strategy, culture, and ways of working. I know what matters to be "successful" in the business world. 

 I used these insights to redefine my corporate job on my own terms. 

I do work that is truly meaningful to me. I make it crystal-clear how I contribute through my work to the success of the company. I get more support in doing so than I could have ever imagined. So, what does that look like? Here are some examples: I've initiated—and now lead—a mindfulness and emotional wellness program for the entire company. I get invitations to speak at events and conferences about the topics closest to my heart. I regularly grab my laptop and trade the office for a sunny destination (or I did before COVID-19, anyway).

I gave myself the freedom to work on what I want from where I want. I combined all my knowledge and put it into a comprehensive yet easy-to-apply four-step blueprint, guaranteeing you the ability to transform your work life without stepping back from your busy job. 

Sculptures in Rows

The Job Crafter Masterclass isn't so much a training program as

it is a transformation program.

Yes, you'll learn everything:

how to use your own deep-seated values to take the initiative, improve and persevere; how to redefine the four dimensions of your job in an evidence-based way; how to align your vision and needs with the company's strategy to get their full support, and how to create an irresistible personal brand that will get people coming to you for the work you care about most. 

I’ll break the program down for you step by step—and all together it’s a rock-solid plan that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted. 

The end result?

You'll have absolute clarity, tremendous confidence, and a job you really love—without sacrificing your financial security. 

Job crafter 


It's the first program of it's kind that....

This program focuses on the implementation work, not just the plan, and it has your back when things get rough. It anticipates natural doubts and setbacks, and prepares you to stay the course no matter what.

Brings emotional intelligence and badass business wisdom together

This program focuses on the implementation work, not just the plan, and it has your back when things get rough. It anticipates natural doubts and setbacks, and prepares you to stay the course no matter what.

Teaches you how to implement it consistently—and with plenty of patience

This program is for busy corporate professionals like you, showing you how to approach the corporate world not as a rigid structure, but as a playground full of endless possibilities—and how to make it yours.

Is delivered by someone who works a corporate joband not an early retiree relaxing in Bali

Here's how it all


Abstract Shape

The Job Crafter Masterclass consists of four core training modules. All course materials—including videos, workbooks, and more—are within our The Inner Business School (TIBS) online student portal. Each module covers five training sessions.



Module 2






Paper Craft

 Module 1 

Build your inner business case AND LEARN TO STAY STRONG

In this module, we’ll start to work from the inside on an emotional, cognitive and behavioral level, because this is where the actual transformation needs to happen first. 

You'll learn how to build your inner business case: 

  • Provide justification (in form of your values) for following your vision

  • Identify the potential for growth and conditions you are at your best

  • Deal with self-doubts and setbacks when pursuing your vision

By the end of Module 1, you'll have a rock-solid inner business case to take your vision to extraordinary heights and make it actionable.

"Motivation is an internal process – it’s your engine for change."

Sneak Peak


1.1 Where are you at?
Take an inventory of yourself using the wheel of life.

1.2 What matters to you?
Learn what’s truly important to you and define your values.

1.3 Are you engaged?
Understand your "flow" zone and how to stay connected to your work.

1.4 Do you see your future?
Start visualizing the life you really want.

1.5 How can you stay strong?
Learn resilience strategies and rewrite your limiting beliefs.


Office with a View

Katharina, Medical Advisor

The program Job Crafter Masterclass helped to create more freedom in my corporate job. Thank you.

Bernard de Villepin 2018.jpg

Bernard, Data Officer

Svenja has created a professional, efficient and complete program how to better know more in order to find or craft the right job for you.


Annalena, Innovation Specialist

I especially appreciate Svenja as a very engaging teacher with professional experience in the corporate world.

You're protected with our 100% risk-free guarantee 

This program has the power to change your life profoundly. We're confident that if you do the work, you'll get tremendous value out of it. We back that up with our risk-free guarantee. Here's how it works:

Try out the first module of the Job Crafter Masterclass. If, on Day 14 of your subscription, you don't feel we've delivered the value, no worries—just send an email to, show us your completed coursework from the pre-course and Module 1, and we'll issue the refund.

The reason for your completed coursework is simple. We only want to work with people who are fully committed to taking consistent action. We devote tremendous time, energy, and care to our students, so it's vital that you're as dedicated to this experience as we are to you.

What students love about the program


 Get started now 

and choose the plan that works best for you

Best value

one payment

€ 350

excl. VAT

Low monthly

€ 125

three monthly payments of

excl. VAT

What do you get?

JCM workbook

Get 5 digital workbooks

core modules + prep-course 

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JCM training videos

Access to TIBS learning plattform with more than 20 training videos

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Ontwerp zonder titel.png

JCM coaching

We have a support team answering all your questions by chat or mail

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Buy the JCM paper workbook and get the TIBS journal for free!

We have a special deal for you! If you buy the JCM paper workbook, you get a complimentary TIBS 66-day journal. You can get this deal in the check-out process.

(Shipping only included within EU countries)


Need help or have a question?

We're happy to answer any questions you might have or give you any extra info you need to make the wisest choice for you.

Starting a major transformation journey like this might feel a little overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve put together this tried-and-tested structure to get the best out of the program.


You’ll have immediate access to the pre-course. After seven days, the first module will be released; then after fourteen days the second module, and so on.

Each module includes a workbook divided into five sessions, and five short videos guiding you through each session. 

Week 4 is a catch-up week in which no new module is released, giving you time to complete anything from the pre-course and Modules 1 and 2.

In weeks 7 and 8, you’ll have time to work on your two-week action plan, taking the first steps to turn your vision into a reality.

* coaching indicates the possibility to always reach out to the TIBS team for questions or when you get stuck.

What students love about the program

Serim, Financial Analyst

Work Desk

What people asked before signing up for the Job Crafter Masterclass

  • I'd like to redefine my job, but it isn't possible at my company. What should I do?"
    I'm glad you asked. There is only one person who can decide if you can redefine your job or not, and that person is you. I’ve seen this methodology work with many different clients from all kinds of industries and companies. If you're willing to turn the job you have into the job you want, I can show you how you can do it while taking your company's constraints into account.
  • I've got a super busy job and hardly have time in the evening to see my friends or do anything fun. How much time is this course going to take up?
    I feel you. Great question—we designed the course specifically for corporate professionals in busy jobs like you. The videos and exercises are short and effective, so that you do what's needed to get the best outcome. The Job Crafter Masterclass has four core modules, each covering 5 sessions. A session takes about 30-45 minutes—but you’re free to do them at your own pace. Remember, all the videos and live sessions are recorded, and you’ll have lifetime access to the materials.
  • I've started similar courses before but never achieved a long-lasting outcome. Can you guarantee that this course will be different for me?
    This a very valid question. This course has a strong focus on the implementation stage, and on making your goals actionable. We created a step-by-step approach so that you won’t be lost or overwhelmed at any stage of the game. Plus, I’ll share with you my procrastination-proof implementation strategy, which has helped bring plenty of other professionals successfully to the finish line.
  • I'm an ambitious professional and want to thrive in my corporate career. Do I risk ruining my career and reputation if I try to craft my job?
    I know that it can be scary to leave your comfort zone. We designed the course for corporate professionals who want to turn the job they have into the job they want, in alignment with the vision of their company. Imagine you’re doing work that truly matters to you. Wouldn't you be performing even better and achieving more? This course will help you thrive in your career, and those results will speak for themselves.
  • If I don't like the course, do I get my money back?"
    Another great question. This program has the power to change your life profoundly. We're confident that if you do the work, you'll get tremendous value out of it. We back that up with our risk-free guarantee. Here's how it works: Try out the first module of the Job Crafter Masterclass. If, on Day 14 of your subscription, you don't feel we've delivered the value, no worries—just send an email to, show us your completed coursework from the pre-course and Module 1, and we'll issue the refund.
  • What's included if I buy the course now?
    Let's sum up what you get: JCM digital course with more than 20 training videos JCM digital workbooks Coaching support for all your questions via chat and mail You'll have life-long access to the material and to future updates of the course.

What students love about the program

Office with a View

Serim, Financial Analyst

I could make some major changes during the program. I had important conversations with my managers and started to work from abroad.


Rosan, Business Consultant

I love Svenja's refreshing and bold way to look at things differently and encourages you to do it, too.


Preetam, R&D Lead

This program has helped me discover new capabilities about myself and transform how I shape my way of living and career.

Get started now

and choose the plan that works best for you

Best value

one payment

€ 350

excl. VAT

Low monthly

Low monthly

three monthly payments of

€ 125

excl. VAT

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You deserved to do work that matters to you!

 Still undecided? 

Here’s how to know if you're ready to create your Dream Job in the Job Crafter Masterclass

  • As you're waking up in the morning and get ready to go to work, you’re asking yourself: "Is this all my life is about?" You think things could be better—but you have no idea how to change your work situation. And you definitely don't want to lose the steady paycheck from your corporate job. You're desperately searching for a solution to get both: fulfilling work and financial security.

  • You've been trying to reinvent your career by changing jobs, but you always run into the same problems. Plus, you're frustrated that every job you land seems to come with a ton of pointless, time-wasting busywork. You’ve tried changing your external circumstances, but it hasn’t worked—and now you’re ready to make an honest effort at changing your job—and your life—from within.

  • You already know what your dream job looks like, but you don’t have a clue how to make it a reality, and you’d love a push in the right direction—or maybe even a custom-built step-by-step implementation plan designed for people just like you.

  • You have no problem with investing four or five hours a week, as long as you know that every bit of energy you spend is a strategic and meaningful step towards creating a job you genuinely love.

  • You feel confident grabbing access details, knowing you have 14 days to test it out. It's simple: either you do the work and experience a real transformation in your work life by building an aligned and meaningful foundation for the rest of your career (that’s billions of hours!)…or you shoot me a quick message asking us to hit undo on this whole "let's create my dream job" experiment.

Did you catch yourself nodding your head at any of these?


Special deal !
Get 30% off with the code: DOWORKTHATMATTERS22

School Kids

Giving back!

When you invest in your future through enrolling into JCM,  you’re also creating meaningful change in the world. We donate 10% of our product sales to support people in need.

In 2022, we decided to support the Malala Fund. Malala Fund supports the work of educators and advocates and helps enabling girls to follow a secondary education around the world.

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