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The office escape

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

I used to think that if I just get another job, move countries or finally quit my job and do something which is fulfilling like becoming a yoga teacher will make me happy.

I struggled. Big times.

And I did these drastic changes. I moved countries, started a new job (still within the same company) and became a yoga teacher. I still can remember my romantic thoughts of being a full-time yoga teacher. I always saw these other yoga teachers. These elegant, peaceful, fairy-like women moving gracefully through the room with a soothing voice. 

When I looked behind this shiny facade of the wellbeing industry, what did I saw?

Yoga teachers fighting for students on social, rushing from studio to studio, struggling with burn-out, goodbye inner peace.

I was so disappointed!

I learned that if I only change the outer conditions but don't change internally - my thoughts and emotions - I just run into the same struggles.

I wondered why I was so attracted to the idea of becoming a yoga teacher. The answer was: I want to feel the inner calm. So I asked myself how can I experience this feeling without making these drastic changes in my life like quitting my corporate job and escape the office.

Image how many companies could keep their top talents by guiding them through these struggles. Having leaders stimulating the millennial workforce with the right questions and helping to make these easy to apply micro changes. So HR what are you going to do about it?

I created a worksheet for you which helps you to find clarity to define effective baby steps towards the career changes you aspire. Get your free copy here:

And remember consistency over intensity.

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